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April 15, 2020
Rental Boat Safety Team

Why You Should Always Wear A Life Jacket During Low-Intensity Activities

Did you know that most boating-related fatalities occur on calm, sunny days? Safety while on the water is not guaranteed even during prime weather conditions.

According to the USCG, 80% of all canoe and 46% of all kayak fatalities are due to not wearing a life jacket. Weather, water temperatures, watercraft traffic, and your preparedness all contribute to the outcome of your safety even during low-intensity water activities. All of these factors can lead to your canoe or kayak capsizing.

2018 Statistics

2018 Statistics

  • There were 449 fatal drowning incidents 356 of which were not wearing a life jacket.
  • There were 120 canoe/kayak injuries reported and 248 canoe/kayak casualties reported. 109 of which were attributed to drowning.
  • Only 27% of those operating a canoe wore life jackets.
  • The 2018 average life jacket wear rate (excluding PWCs) was 19.9%.

The USCG provides a plethora of reasons you should always wear a life jacket, but one thing to always keep in mind is that accidents can happen anywhere at any time. You can control the actions that keep you safe, but you cannot control external factors. Wearing a life jacket drastically increases your chances of coming home safely.

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March 24, 2020
Rental Boat Safety Team

Spring Break Boating Checklist

With sights set on Spring break, we want you to kick off the boating season safely! Spring brings warmer air and water temperatures as we anticipate the beginning of a fun-filled boating season. As you are packing up your bag and preparing to set off on the water, utilize this checklist! If you’ve booked an online rental, call your livery ahead of time to make sure you bring everything they do not provide:

Life Jackets

First and foremost, be sure there is a personal flotation device for every person on board. Remember, a life jacket needs to be worn in order for it to work! We encourage everyone on the boat to wear a properly fitted USCG approved life jacket at all times. For more information about how to select the right life jacket, visit

Communication Device

We suggest you bring a fully charged cell phone or VHF radio as a means of communication while onboard. Ask your livery what the best option is for your area. If you are in an area without a signal, we recommend there is a VHF radio in case of an emergency. Ask your livery what the best option is for your area.

Navigation Rules & Tools

Knowing the “Rules of the Road” keeps you and others safe. Before leaving the dock, make sure you know all of the necessary navigation rules and signals. GPS and navigation charts are necessary regardless of how familiar you may be with the water you are traveling on. Watch our training video on navigation to learn more:

First Aid Kit

Being prepared for small injuries will increase your time on the water. Packing a first aid kit helps you address seasickness, cuts, or scrapes immediately.

Fire Extinguisher

These safety tools are not optional and should be provided by your rental agency. Confirm with your Rental Livery the location of the Fire Extinguisher in case of emergency!

Visual and Sound Signaling Device

Both of these items are required by the US Coast Guard. A horn or whistle is used for signaling during unplanned situations. Be sure there is an orange warning flag and/or three or more aerial flares, smoke distress signals, or rocket-propelled parachute on your boat to serve as a visual warning signal.

Water Sports Gear

With fewer boats on the water, springtime is the perfect time to brush up on your favorite water sport. Pack up your waterskis, wakeboard, or tube and gear up for a full day of boating fun!

Just for Fun

A few fun items to bring along during a day of boating is a camera to capture the fun. Pack your favorite snacks and sodas in a cooler to enjoy throughout the day. Turn up the music with a waterproof speaker.

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