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How to Boat Safely During the Peak of Boating Season

Warm weather and rising water temperatures lead hundreds of thousands of people nationwide to participate in a common pastime, recreational boating. The Department of Natural Resources reported a surge in new boaters from the year 2019 to 2020 and expects this trend to continue into the 2021 Boating Season. With the increase in boaters, came the largest number of boating-related fatalities in the last decade. Water Safety Outreach Coordinator, Lisa Dugan explained, “Busier waterways mean more people having to share resources, and shared resources require shared responsibility.”

As you prepare to rent a boat, most likely on a busy waterway, please consider all risks and properly educate yourself before you enter the water. Stay away from swimmers and other vessels. You can never play it too safe! Education is key when it comes to safe boating. Take a moment to complete our FREE training modules. Simply hover over “Training” and select the vessel you plan to rent and begin. Learn More Here!

Take advantage of the boating experts at your rental livery! Knowing proper boat operations, communications, and the “rules of the road” is your responsibility. Ask any questions you have in advance or when you’re onsite (before you enter the water). To find a rental livery near you visit our Community page, input your location, and you'll find a full list of participating liveries available to rent from.

Our goal is to help provide boaters nationwide with the proper education to help decrease boating-related accidents. Remember that wearing a life jacket is the single best thing you can do while on the water. Happy Boating! Find a Livery Near You!