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Prepare Before You Go!

As warmer weather is approaching, so is boating season! This is an exciting time of year for us. We want to make sure we provide the tools you need to stay safe! Preparing properly is the best thing you can do before you go out on the water.

You may choose to canoe, kayak, paddleboard, or rent a PWC or power boat. No matter which activity you prefer, each requires some level of preparation.

Canoeing, Kayaking, or Paddleboarding

First things first, find a life jacket that fits! If you’re an experienced paddler and would like to have more range of motion, try out an inflatable life jacket. If you’re not so sure, wearing a standard life jacket (Types I, II, & III) may be your better option. Bring water, a communication device in a waterproof bag, and sunscreen to protect your skin! Water shoes will also give more grip so you don’t slip.

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PWC or Powerboat

PWC’s and power boats require the same preparations as canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. They also require that you get to know your watercraft. Know the basics -- where the emergency cutoff is and it’s always a good idea to ask a rental agency questions if you aren’t sure. If you’re completely unsure, we recommend taking a boating safety course. If you’re planning on doing water sports behind your power boat, bring appropriate and USCG approved life jackets! 

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We always like the idea of having a float plan. A float plan is a piece of paper or a written note that you leave with someone on shore that tells them your approximate path of navigation and location. In the unlikely event of an emergency, a float plan can help a rescue team locate you much faster than if they had no information of your whereabouts. Anyone can write up a float plan, and we always recommend one!

Remember, be safe, have fun and happy boating!


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