Personal Watercraft

Introduction Thumbnail
Life Jackets Thumbnail
Life Jackets
Starting and Stopping the Engine Thumbnail
Starting & Stopping the Engine
Operational Controls Thumbnail
Operational Controls
Maintaining a Proper Lookout Thumbnail
Maintaining a Proper Lookout
Operate Defensively Thumbnail
Operate Defensively
Avoiding Agressive Maneuvers and Unsafe Loading Thumbnail
Avoid Aggressive Maneuvers and Unsafe Loading
Children and PWCs Thumbnail
Children and PWCs
Staying Clear of the Intake Grates and Jets Thumbnail
Staying Clear of the Intake Grate and Jets
Righting a PWC in Open Water Thumbnail
Righting a PWC in Open Water
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This 14½ minute presentation guides you through the most important safety guidelines for renting and operating a PWC.

Separated into ten short sections, you'll learn about safety precautions, general operation, and more to make your experience both safe and fun! Don't forget to also take our ten question assessment to see how much you learned.

Personal Watercraft

Be sure to watch all the videos above before beginning the assessment.


  1. Which of the following statements is incorrect as it pertains to your role as a PWC operator?

  2. Which of the following statements is not true about lifejacket wear while operating or riding a PWC?

  3. Before starting the engine, what action should you take as the PWC operator ?

  4. The throttle on a PWC controls your:

  5. Which of the following is considered correct and safe operation of a PWC?

  6. PWC Operation is safe and acceptable in which of the following conditions:

  7. It’s strongly recommended to wear protective clothing such as a wet suit or a wet suit bottom while operating the PWC for the following reason:

  8. Regarding children and PWC’s, which of the following statements is incorrect?

  9. If you capsize in open water, it is recommended to swim to the rear of the PWC to turn it upright. When doing so, the following procedure is recommended:

  10. Which of the following is an example of safe and responsible PWC operation?