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Proper Steps to Ensure Safe Departure

Proper Steps to Ensure Safe Departure
After being stuck inside due to cooler weather (and COVID-19!) we know everyone is ready to enjoy the sunshine on a boat!  As you are all preparing to dive headfirst into boating season, we wanted to provide you with some key information to utilize before you leave the dock. Taking the proper steps before you depart, can make quite a difference!

Watch the Weather
Before you arrive at the dock to go underway, you should be familiar with the weather forecast, especially any potential threats. Prepare for the worst and head towards the dock before the weather turns bad. 

Be Informed
Educate yourself on your local navigation hazards and laws. These laws differ from state to state, so it is necessary to know how to follow the laws in your area or the area you are vacationing in.

Buckle Up!
Just like we wear seat belts in the car, we encourage all passengers to not only have a life jacket on board but to wear it. Ensure you have the properly fitted, USCG approved life jacket packed for every person on the boat. You can also call your boat rental location ahead of time to check what they provide.

File a Float Plan
Developing a float plan is a simple step to start your boating venture off safely. This document will include details about the operator, passengers, the vessel, communication methods that exist on your boat, trip itinerary, and other details that should be left in the hands of a family member or the marina you docked at. Download a float plan here

Check it off
Utilize our resources and download a safety checklist to complete before pulling out from the dock.

Safety while boating is our priority. To stay up to date on boating safety tips follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit our website!