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Power Boat Safety 101

Whether you’re a first-time boater, or whether you consider yourself an expert, a power boat is an excellent choice of vessel to enjoy some time on the water. Just as you would carefully plan a family road trip ensuring you have a full tank of gas, your family has all of the needed clothing and gear, all of your excursions booked, etc., it is vital to carefully plan for your boating adventure. Here are some  key safety tips specific to a power boat vessel: 

  1. Before you book your rental, take some time to research the state-specific laws in your area. Remember that it is your responsibility, no one else’s to learn about proper boat operation, communications, and the “rules of the road” before going out on the water. Familiarizing yourself with your vessel will increase the safety of your trip. Every boat is unique in how it operates, maneuvers and runs. We recommend you consult your rental operator before leaving the dock, to learn specific vessel information! 
  2. Next, Be sure each passenger has a properly fitted, U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Regardless of your swimming experience, always wear a life jacket as it is the single best thing you can do to prevent drowning while boating or swimming. 
  3. Weather changes quickly. Before rental day, research and monitor the weather and water temperatures in your area to ensure it is safe to proceed with your boating day.
  4. As the operator, you are responsible to know and follow the rules of the water. This requires boating safety knowledge before you arrive at your rental location as well as a keen eye while in control of the vessel. Statistics show that some form of basic negligence is the primary cause of all reported accidents. Always follow the weight capacity of your boat, maintain safe speeds, and ensure passengers move about the boat in a safe manner. Learn more about power boat safety here:
  5. Did you know as much as 39% of all boating accidents involve alcohol? This fact makes it clear that drinking and boating just don't mix. Make a safe choice for your family and passengers, and don’t drink and boat!

The more time you spend on the water, the better boater you will become. Our Community has thousands of locations that prioritize your safety. Browse our rental location here: Being safe on the water depends on you. Happy boating!