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How to Rent a Boat

Whether you’re planning your summer vacation or gearing up for a full day of fishing, finding a rental livery that prioritizes your safety is essential. Our Rental Boat Safety Community includes hundreds of rental liveries that partner with us to promote boating safety utilizing our FREE training videos and resources. 

Step #1 Visit Our Website

On the Community page, you can select the state you plan to rent a boat. From there, there will be dozens of locations to choose from! Explore our the Rental Boat Safety Community here:

Step #2 Plan ahead

Boat rentals are high in demand. Once you’ve determined your rental location, book ahead  to secure your spot. Be sure to double check cancellation and refund policies for each unique livery. 

Step #3 Book your rental 

Once you have selected a livery that best suits your location, you can contact your chosen livery directly from our website or visit their boat rental website. Each livery has a different process for preparing you to rent a powerboat, personal watercraft, stand up paddleboard, kayak or canoe. Follow the directions of your rental livery and get ready for a fun day on the water!

Step #4 Prepare for Rental Day 

Properly preparing for your big day on the water is a key part of ensuring a safe day. Filing a float plan, knowing how to safely operate a boat, and understanding the importance of wearing your life jacket will help you return back to the dock with all smiles. Brush up on your boating safety here: