Canoes & Kayaks

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Life Jackets Thumbnail
Life Jackets
Safety Guidelines Thumbnail
Safety Guidelines
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"Rules of the Road"
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Aides to Navigation
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Proper Conduct
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Boating Under the Influence
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Learn about key safety measures you should take to enjoy a safe experience on the water when you rent a canoe or kayak.

In just 16 minutes of viewing time, you'll be equipped with basic information regarding preparations, safety guidelines, rules of the road, navigation, and more! Don't forget to also take our ten question assessment to see how much you learned.

Canoes & Kayaks

Be sure to watch all the videos above before beginning the assessment.


  1. Which of the following statements is true as it pertains to preparing for your paddling trip?

  2. The most important safety precaution you can take while paddling is to:

  3. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding the risk of hypothermia while paddling?

  4. What is the safe and proper way to board a canoe or kayak?

  5. While paddling, in order to avoid unnecessary capsizing, what is the best procedure to take when a wave from another vessel or the wind is headed your direction?

  6. When you find yourself in front or in the path of a powerboat, the best and safest course of action is to:

  7. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding safe use of a canoe or kayak at night?

  8. What is the purpose of buoys, markers, and lights that you may encounter on your paddling journey?

  9. In the case of capsizing, which of the following is recommended and safe procedure?

  10. Why is it important to wear proper footwear when paddling?