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Rental Boat Safety Releases Updated Power Boat and Personal Watercraft Safety Videos

Rental Boat Safety, a boating safety campaign funded by the Sports Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard, launches newly refreshed boating safety training segments curated with rental boat customers in mind. The two new video modules cover key safety information for renting and operating Power Boats and Personal Watercrafts

In less than twenty minutes, the video material provides rental customers with proper insight to take on the open water, including first-time renters. Accompanying the video modules, the website hosts Assessments created for the five vessel types. All customers receive a customized certificate upon successful completion. 

In addition to vessel-specific training modules, hosts a variety of additional free resources including blogs, safety checklists, and a Resource Kit including sample social media posts. Rental Boat Safety asks liveries nationwide to partner with them in promoting safe boating content for their rental customers. Rental boat customers can browse these participating rental liveries by location through the Community feature. To learn more, visit